Limited Edition Bliss Baby Carrier

April 18, 2022 0 min read

Bliss, our new limited-edition colourway, is a cheery, colourful celebration of spring! Adopted by our Easy Lover, Sling and Duo carriers for physiological babywearing up to 12 kg, and more if you fancy.
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My baby doesn't like to be carried, what can I do?

March 30, 2022 0 min read

Studio Romeo will show you how to make the most of babywearing, which is the best option for the first hours, the first days, the first weeks, the first months, the first years... Promise!   

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Misconceptions about baby carrying

February 09, 2022 0 min read

“Stop carrying them, otherwise they'll get used to it. They'll be late to start walking and won't be able to do things on their own. You're going to suffocate them by carrying them. They'd be better off in a pushchair. You're going to give yourself a bad back. Carrying is just for babies, they're too big for that now..." Could you give us a break please? Quick review of misconceptions about baby carrying.

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7 ways to use a baby swaddle

November 02, 2021 0 min read

The nappy is an essential accessory for all parents, who find it extremely useful on a day-to-day basis. Soft and very absorbent, it's a multi-purpose must-have that you can't live without! Here are our seven favourite ways to use a large nappy: 
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Studio Romeo x Binibamba

October 06, 2021 0 min read

Studio Romeo and the stylish english brand BINIBAMBA team up again to bring you the snuggliest of rides this winter with this 100% pure merino sheepskin liner for our bestselling UP & GO baby carriers. 
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Studio Romeo x Bonton

June 25, 2021 0 min read

Excited to announceour new collab with Super famous French brand Bonton ! Since it was founded in 2001, Bonton has prided itself on timeless, premium quality clothing that serves every moment in our children’s lives. What sets Bonton apart is their unique vision of family life and childhood. We hope you will love our Slings and Doll Slings - this is a limited edition !

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Things to know about motherhood

May 17, 2021 0 min read

Lovely May is here again, bringing with it Mother’s Day: a favourite date of ours! You’ll know we’ve been cheerleaders for motherhood for the past six years. It’s our inspiration and our guiding force. And this year, we wanted to look at all the big and small things we’d like to have known before we gave birth and became mothers. Knowledge is power, so if you’re a mum-to-be, then read this article!

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New! Our Doll Slings!

May 01, 2021 0 min read

For the past 6 years, we’ve been bringing you hours of cuddles snuggled up together... Over the years, little siblings have been getting bigger: our babies are all grown up, and now they want a go because there’s no set age for carrying your favourite things!

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March 01, 2021 0 min read

Check out the complete list from actual mothers. You will find out what to pack for you and your baby. Make your stay in the maternity ward comfortable, pleasant and practical!

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January 28, 2021 0 min read

When is my baby going to sleep through the night? Is there some kind of rhythm babies get into? How do I survive the first few months of having a baby? While we were live on ourInstagram account, the experts atMay explained about a baby's sleep cycle and how it works during the first months. You praised our reassuring and guilt-free advice. We're happy to share this with you in this article as well. 

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Why carry your baby on your back?

October 08, 2020 0 min read

When and how to back carry, advantages for the baby and the carrier... We tell you all about it in our article with testimonials from parents!   




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The advantages of babywearing

September 03, 2020 0 min read

Children need our arms. They might not be able to walk, they feel tired, or want reassurance. Unfortunately, though, we're not always available as our hands are busy doing a thousand different things. And this is where babywearing can save your life.

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