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We are family !

April 21, 2018

We are happy to present you our collaboration with Emoi Emoi !

On this occasion, the iconic birds of the brand are featured on our baby carriers, always in organic cotton and available in two sizes, for the pleasure of nomad families!

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Maman Koala #11

April 05, 2018

Du rose distillé à la perfection, une déco ultra stylée et une petite Rose à croquer, comment résister ? Ce mois-ci, on vous emmène à la rencontre d’Élodie, alias @elodiejolie sur Instagram. On aime ses photos pleines de douceur et sa façon très inspirante de dévoiler son quotidien, en particulier sa vie de jeune maman. 

Élodie, c’est notre Maman Koala du mois !

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Hello Spring !

March 20, 2018

The birds are singing, the air regains a comforting gentleness, the flowers are blooming... No doubt, the spring has well and truly arrived! After the calm and slow pace of winter, it's time to get out of the cozy nest to enjoy the great outdoors. Spring is life and above all the opportunity to...

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Our 10 golden rules

February 21, 2018

You've decided that you want to carry your baby. Yes, it's a great idea ♡, but now you're not sure where to start, you're afraid of doing wrong and you wouldn't be against a recap for parents who are beginners in carrying babies. So here are our 10 tips for becoming a pro baby carrier! 

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January 30, 2018

Californian blonde long hair, a hat and fringes from head to toe, this month we meet Marion, alias @fringeandfrange on Instagram. We love her world of French California girl, and we fall in love with every picture of her adorable little Romy, 5 months old. Marion, it's our Mama Koala of the month!

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Birth list, we say yes !

January 16, 2018

Between the essentials to prepare for your baby's arrival and the desire to to buy all the cute little things in the nursery department, you don't lack birth gift ideas. Don't keep them to yourself and share them with your loved ones by creating an online birth list. Enough to combine usefulness with pleasure s!

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We love swaddles !

January 06, 2018

Before having children, we often wonder what this little piece of cloth is for... But that was before! A baby swaddle is the essential accessory for all mothers.

The proof, with these 10 ways to use swaddles !


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Florence + Jude

December 14, 2017

“In the depth of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.
And that makes me happy. For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there’s something stronger – something better, pushing right back.”

Albert Camus

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Cher Père Noël, je voudrais…

December 08, 2017

Décorer le sapin, préparer des biscuits avec les enfants, partir à la chasse aux cadeaux… Bienvenue dans le tourbillon de Noël ! Vous avez beau être une maman cool, vous rêveriez de mettre votre vie sur pause une seconde, ne serait-ce que pour réfléchir à vos propres envies. On parie que celles-ci en font partie !

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September 25, 2017

Exit le summer blues ! 

Voici notre to-do list d'automne qui inaugure une de nos périodes favorites de l’année…

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Sunday on Omaha Beach

September 11, 2017

Hello Septembre,

Les vacances semblent déjà loin. L'été touche à sa fin. La reprise est là. Profitons encore de ces quelques belles journées pour se balader en tribu et écouter le doux frou-frou des vagues. 


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August 15, 2017

Quand Bethany Menzel, notre blogueuse canadienne préférée, enfile notre modèle Nude avec Skipper... It's a big crush 


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Size guide


Our baby carriers are currently available in two sizes : T1 and T2. The fabric is stretchy enough to adapt as best as possible to both the wearer's and the baby's bodies. 

Generally, T1 suits sizes from S to M and T2 suits larger sizes.

Important: The fabric will soften and relax during use and as the baby grows. It’s normal that the baby carrier feel a little snug during the first use.

And since each body is unique, you can try it quietly at home to see if it suits you and if not, you can send it back for a refund ;)


You may experience a feeling of tightness but the goal is ultimately that the baby is held firmly against you and does not move, just like with a classic carrier. For the newborn position, depending on the morphology of both the baby and the wearer, it can quickly become restrictive. You can therefore place them into the sitting position early by respecting their physiological position and the natural spacing of their hips. The seating position will feel less snug as the legs will be out.

Also, do not hesitate to flatten the fabric on your back to leave more on the front.

Important: The fabric will soften and relax during use and as the baby grows.


Indeed your child should not be too low, or at least the position should remain as comfortable for them as it is for you and your baby should remain within reach for kisses. If this is not the case, you can make a loop with the fabric on each shoulder. You can make a loop by twisting the side of the scarf and reversing the hems so that the fabric is shortened and the baby is slightly lifted (see video section).

You can also wash your sling (30° or Warm setting in the washing machine) so that the fabric shrinks back to the original size (the product cannot be reimbursed once washed).