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Body Positive

January 14, 2020

Maternity affects the body in a myriad of different ways. Last year, one of the most popular posts on our Instagram account was a photo of a mother's body. The comments raised many interesting questions about loving your body before, during and after pregnancy, and we'd like to keep the discussion going. Should we all be jumping on board with the body positivity movement, or do we need to find our own personal path to self-love?

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It's October, light the fire

October 09, 2019

It's been decided, October will be flamboyant. It's already decorated the natural world around you in the colours of fire, so why not go with the flow? Carry your plans (and/or baby!) forward, sniff out current trends, move freely... in October, it's time to pull out all the stops!

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June : Carpe Diem

June 03, 2019

"Carpe diem" is our motto for the month of June. To seize the day without worrying about tomorrow; to make the most of everyday life and its little pleasures. To live in the present moment and savour the beautiful days to come. This is the inspiration behind our new Palma print !

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May 31, 2019

Enjoy that carefree feeling this spring! We are not suggesting you drop everything to open an ashram in India or raise goats in the Larzac... Instead, we'd like to see you take advantage of this traditionally relaxed month to tune into your wants and needs Follow the guide! 

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May 04, 2019

In April, we aim to flourish a little like those spring flowers that spread their petals wide. Flourish, yes, but not in line with the demands of society that expects us to be fulfilled mothers, brilliant working women and even radiant Instagrammers. Rather, the idea is to gradually open ourselves up to become our true selves: the part that we find exciting and can inspire others.

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Philosophy of love

March 07, 2019

Our philosophy is all about love. Unconditional love. That feeling of well-being, safety and warmth that a baby feels when it's in our arms. An ode to life, a time of sharing, an emotion emanating from this universal dance.

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MARCH: Go with the flow

March 03, 2019

March is a bit of a paradox. It signals the start of spring, but it's the month of sudden downpours. After the outpourings of love in February and the flower power to come in April, it is often pale by comparison. And yet, March gives us the perfect excuse not to plan anything, to just live and simply go with the flow. We'll help you a bit, in case you don't know how we do things! 

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February 01, 2019

February is the month of pancake day, ski holidays and… lovers. We’re not about say a prayer to Saint Valentine himself, but let’s be honest, there are worse things in life than celebrating love. Our programme for February is: love yourself, love others, love life, love for real (and not just on the 14th!) Are you game?

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Mama Koala #13

January 16, 2019

Let's meet Marie-Faure Ambroise, journalist and mother of 3 - César 6 years old, Balthazar 4 years old and Suzanne 9 months old. They travel the world together for her website My Travel Dreams and she gives us some travel tips ♡

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January: Change

January 09, 2019

All right, it’s official, it’s now 2019! If, like us, you keep writing 2018 for the date, that’s normal. Is it a matter of habit or difficulty turning the page? A bit of both, most likely! A new year begins, and with it a lot of projects, discoveries and changes, of course. So to help you get through this month of January with equanimity, we’d like to offer you a few solutions for welcoming change, simply.

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What’s important at Christmas?

December 17, 2018

Are you in the thick of the December rush, running all over the place in search of gifts so you can cross them off your never-ending Wishlist? It’s not exactly the magic of Christmas, isit? Yet, what could be more exciting than getting ready for the holiday season and finding a gift that will touch your loved ones’ hearts? Here are a few ideas for getting back to what’s important and saving your energy for Christmas eve! 

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Hello December !

December 01, 2018

Goodbye November! No more greyness and chrysanthemums and welcome to December – which smells like cinnamon, spruce and mulled wine! The winter is looming in very seriously, but the prospect of end of the year festivities irresistibly delight our hearts. With the arrival of December, we have the perfect opportunity to...

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Size guide


Our baby carriers are currently available in two sizes : T1 and T2. The fabric is stretchy enough to adapt as best as possible to both the wearer's and the baby's bodies. 

Generally, T1 suits sizes from S to M and T2 suits larger sizes.

Important: The fabric will soften and relax during use and as the baby grows. It’s normal that the baby carrier feel a little snug during the first use.

And since each body is unique, you can try it quietly at home to see if it suits you and if not, you can send it back for a refund ;)


You may experience a feeling of tightness but the goal is ultimately that the baby is held firmly against you and does not move, just like with a classic carrier. For the newborn position, depending on the morphology of both the baby and the wearer, it can quickly become restrictive. You can therefore place them into the sitting position early by respecting their physiological position and the natural spacing of their hips. The seating position will feel less snug as the legs will be out.

Also, do not hesitate to flatten the fabric on your back to leave more on the front.

Important: The fabric will soften and relax during use and as the baby grows.


Indeed your child should not be too low, or at least the position should remain as comfortable for them as it is for you and your baby should remain within reach for kisses. If this is not the case, you can make a loop with the fabric on each shoulder. You can make a loop by twisting the side of the scarf and reversing the hems so that the fabric is shortened and the baby is slightly lifted (see video section).

You can also wash your sling (30° or Warm setting in the washing machine) so that the fabric shrinks back to the original size (the product cannot be reimbursed once washed).