March 30, 2022 3 min read

We told you about a great way to relax your child and keep your hands free: babywearing. But no matter how hard you try, your child doesn't seem to like it. They grumble, they cry, they arch their back. Is it serious, doctor? Not at all and we have solutions. Studio Romeo will show you how to make the most of babywearing, which is the best option for the first hours, the first days, the first weeks, the first months, the first years... Promise!  

What is babywearing? 

Humans are mammals that are designed to be carried. In our modern lives, we quickly forget this, even our babies do! Babywearing is simply giving your child back what they need: to be close to you, in a physiological position that is comfortable for them and for you. 

Why does my baby not like being carried and what are the solutions? 

There are several reasons why this might be the case. 

You're just starting out...

... and your baby isn't yet used to it. You may be a little stressed. Your gestures may be somewhat awkward, you may fumble a little. And to make matters worse, babies feel everything, including your discomfort! In these cases, take it one step at a time, for short periods at first, to get used to it. Before putting the baby in the sling, hold them in your arms and rock them. Speak softly to your baby, then explain your actions as you begin to slide the fabric of your sling over them. Take your time and stay calm. Do small sessions at home, in a familiar space. Once you're set up, move around because the rocking motion is pleasant for your baby. 

A matter of position

Your baby is not comfortable and is bothered. So you need to readjust your position, readjust the sling or the wrap so that it is well supported against you, without being too tight either. Follow our instruction guide to learn how to do it!

Bad times

Your baby is hungry and wants to do something else... In short, it's not the right time to carry your baby. In this case, you should try again later on.

Too hot, too cold... 

If they are wearing too many clothes, your baby may be uncomfortable. The sling acts as an extra piece of clothing, so no need for baby to wear a coat. When it is very cold, you should use your coat or a blanket as well. If the weather is very hot, leave your baby in a bodysuit, for example.

Your baby is suffering from muscle tension

Your child arches their back in the sling, stretches their legs and tenses up. Following childbirth, a caesarean section, or for some other reason, some babies may need an osteopathic session to help with muscle tension. After this, your baby will be more comfortable in the sling

Is your baby still reluctant? Take a babywearing lesson! 

If, despite our advice, things are still not going well, don't hesitate to take a babywearing consultation. You will be guided by a professional in a single session where all your questions will be answered.

Studio Romeo is the first brand to offer its customers a video babywearing workshop to support them on this wonderful adventure. Daphne, our LBDC-certified instructor, will guide you through a free 20-minute video call to learn how to properly position your child. She will support you with patience and kindness! 

We have already had many very happy parents : 

"Thank you Daphne for helping us with babywearing."

"Hi Daphne, thanks you, I was able to carry my baby with the sling this morning for the first time! He is much more comfortable in it."

"Hello Daphne, thanks again for the babywearing consultation yesterday. I tried again to do it alone this morning and I succeeded on the first try."

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