May 17, 2021 3 min read

12 things we wish we’d known about motherhood 

Lovely May is here again, bringing with it Mother’s Day: a favourite date of ours! 

You’ll know we’ve been cheerleaders for motherhood for the past six years. It’s our inspiration and our guiding force. And this year, we wanted to look at all the big and small things we’d like to have known before we gave birth and became mothers. Knowledge is power, so if you’re a mum-to-be, then read this article!


1) You’re not born knowing how to be a mum 

Just like you don't necessarily fall in love with your children the first time you see them. So stop feeling guilty.

2) Extreme love and tiredness  

Your fatigue can be truly overwhelming thanks to pregnancy, a marathon labour or sleepless nights. Unless what’s overwhelming is actually your feelings for your baby. You don’t really know. You’re too tired to work it out.

3) You can prepare for the post-partum period 

Pregnancy and birth are just the beginning. But the challenges really start when your baby arrives. Listen to podcasts, read and educate yourself to get ready for this time.

4) The perineum can really change 

Perineal rehab is a classic worth scheduling in. Sessions help you improve muscle tone and are recommended six to eight weeks after the birth. Things aren’t always easy at first, especially after an episiotomy. But any discomfort or pain will fade over time...we promise! Consider ab rehab too!

5) Nappies for everyone 

You’ll also be leaving the maternity ward with your own nappies. Avoid mesh hospital panties by investing in disposable briefs to take onto the ward. Have a good stock of XXL towels ready for your return home too.

6) Nothing is forever 

Repeat this mantra to yourself when the going gets tough and at happy times to try and make the most of every moment. Just remember: “this too shall pass”!

7) Listen to yourself 

As a reminder, the son of leading paediatrician and child whisperer Françoise Dolto was the singer Carlos. We love his song Big Bisou, but it’s still worth remembering ;) The same goes for Tom, Dick and Harry, and your mother-in-law. It’s all very well to half-listen to them, but follow your instincts. They’re almost always right.

8) The post-partum body and wardrobe

Be kind to yourself and remember: “Nine months to put on, nine months to come off”. Even if not the sexiest, try and wear comfy clothes that make nursing and breastfeeding easier... Be patient: you’ll be able to shop for the latest trends soon...

9) Motherhood is unpredictable 

You can do all the planning in the world, but motherhood (and your child) will inevitably have some surprises up their sleeve. There will be highs and lows. You’re going to make mistakes. Try not to feel guilty about it: just do better next time.

10) Being imperfect is the new perfect 

Don’t be deceived (by family, friends, social media, etc.): nobody’s perfect. We all know parents whose baby slept on their tummy. And others who let their baby cry. Some even carried their child looking out at the world... And you know what? Everyone went on to do well. You don’t have to be perfect for your children to love you.

11) Don’t forget who you are 

Having a child is forever. You need to think about yourself too. It’s important to rest and recharge with positive energy so you can return to your family feeling better afterwards. And again, don't feel guilty. Take the time you need to do yourself some good.

12) Enjoy every second 

And always, always remember that you’re as lucky to have your children as they are to have you... 

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