May 01, 2021 2 min read

Studio Romeo is 6 years old!

And it honestly feels like it was yesterday. When you say Studio Romeo’s 6th birthday, you’re also talking about my daughter Louise’s 6th birthday. You know the story. Romeo was 18 months old, I launched Studio Romeo on 1 May 2015, and a few days later, I gave birth to Louise. As a mother of two young children, and living on the 3rd floor without a lift, this baby carrier has made my life a thousand times easier. I also admit that thanks to babywearing, I have an incredible connection with my daughter, a magical bond that I am sure comes from there. As I like to say, babywearing is only an extension of our arms and, by the same token, an extension of our heart. 

So, thank you for your orders, for being there, for your kind words, your photos and your memories, which are now ours. 

A lot of magic in 6 years, beautiful collaborations, with Emoi Emoi, Le Petit Lucas du Tertre, Tajinebanane, Tartine & Chocolat... Spoiler: Bonton in a few weeks!

Thank you to the people who work with me from near and far – Camille, Sophie, Julie, Daphne, Chloé, Hélène and her team, Capucine, Carlo & Diana, and Renato. 

For the past 6 years, we’ve been bringing you hours of cuddles snuggled up together... Over the years, little siblings have been getting bigger: our babies are all grown up, and now they want a go because there’s no set age for carrying your favourite things!

Six years ago, I carried Romeo and Louise in our first models, and nowadays, I’m thrilled to see them doing the same with the new doll carriers created to celebrate the anniversary. I hope your children will play with them as much as mine did! A little, a lot, madly, passionately, above all, it’s a story about sharing!

Six years to write our vision of love with a capital L. Let’s write the rest together.

& you can have a look to our new DOLL SLINGS here