October 08, 2020 2 min read

Why carry your baby on your back?

Since the launch of our Up & Go, many of you have asked us why you should carry your baby on your back ... Here is a short compilation of the many advantages of using a back carrier.

The 7 advantages of back carrying 

  • Your baby explores differently

Being comfortably seated on your back, your child has a view of the world. Their sensory functions are stimulated and they see the same things you do.

  • Increased freedom of movement 

Having your child on your back gives you, the wearer, more autonomy. Our Koala Mums wholeheartedly agree. "My hands stay free. Mainly for cooking and doing the housekeeping". Says @Soavic. 

  • Positive development

The emotional and physiological development of your baby is advanced in the same manner as during classic carrying. The sensory functions are stimulated. The happy hormones are released thanks to the feeling of security experienced by the baby. In short, your child is in heaven and so are you. 

  • Easy carrying for pregnant women

The good news is that even large bellies can back carry, especially with our Up & Go which does not have a back belt. @caro_fc_dd admits to having started to back carry "When my pregnancy did not allow me to front carry".

  • Carry your baby longer without back pain

Among some of our testers, Marie Faure Ambrose (also known as @mytraveldreams) is an adventurous mum who hiked more than 15 km on a mountain with our Up & Go. Another testimony that addresses the comfort side "I had much less back pain with your baby carrier than with this big thing ... It's just great". @MarieM.   

  • Ideal for carrying large babies 

Beyond a certain weight, it is more comfortable to carry your baby on your back, the weight being well distributed over the shoulders and hips of the wearer. This is the case with @Ollybyjoy. She started to back carry "when my daughter was over 10 kg and she was getting a little heavy for the front".  

  • Convenient when you have several small children

This comes back to our point about freedom of movement. Anne, alias @simplicite_ici, tells us about her daily life "I am starting to feel my son's weight. As a result, back carrying for long periods is preferable. It allows me to go about my business, to look after my big one easily, it's great".  

Convinced? If so, time to look at our UP&GO back baby carrier, inspired by the Asian Onbuhimo.