May 04, 2019 2 min read


In April, we aim to flourish a little like those spring flowers that spread their petals wide. Flourish, yes, but not in line with the demands of society that expects us to be fulfilled mothers, brilliant working women and even radiant Instagrammers. Rather, the idea is to gradually open ourselves up to become our true selves: the part that we find exciting and can inspire others.


Let time take its course


Just as Rome wasn't built in a day, spring draws its strength from the apparent latency of winter: you can’t develop yourself fully in a flash. That would be too easy. And not interesting enough! Flourishing takes time, so be patient. The path to flourishing obviously counts just as much; it is the soil you must draw from to find satisfaction.


Cultivate your own garden


Motherhood, entrepreneurship, travel, slow life, art... each part of our life is like a garden and it is up to us to cultivate it to help it flourish. Our garden can be secret, wild, orderly, colourful, exciting... What matters is preserving it, always with our needs and desires in mind. Some gardens will require a great deal of freedom if they are to bear fruit, while others will need daily attention to blossom generously. So, whatever kind of garden you have, make sure you pamper it!


Being born to oneself and others


Like a flower that opens and releases its delicious perfume, let your inner me express itself. The part of you that smiles and encourages others to smile back. The part of you that radiates with joy and inspires those around you. The part of you that brightens up your life and leads you on a path towards harmony. Flourishing is like being born again: it is the beautiful result of developing smoothly and completely. Not only will you feel well aligned but, with a bit of luck, you will be able to sprinkle the same magic on your loved ones!



So, while you dodge April showers, slowly open yourself up to being the best version of yourself!

Texte : Pauline Louis pour Studio Romeo

Photo Chloe Lapeyssonnie