December: saving the best until last

December 01, 2019 2 min read

It's December already! Often this starts a race against time and the beginning of the Christmas preparation hostilities. But what if this year you decided to enjoy every day, to take your time and to slow down? Almost as if the last month of the year is offering you the best on a plate... it would be a shame not to take advantage!


Snow against the tide

You read that right! At Studio Romeo, far be it from us not to plunge into the magical Christmas season, but on the condition that we don't drown under the list of tasks to be done before Christmas Eve. The idea is to take as much advantage as possible of the month that often goes by at the speed of light, forgetting all the "I need to" and "I must". Weekends spent baking or escaping the winter (rather than running to the shops), zero waste gifts or 100% local holiday meals (to let your creativity run wild), there are many ways to live Christmas both intensely and more slowly.


End on a high note

December is the cherry on the cake of the year gone by. It has scarcely begun, but we're already looking forward to the end, the time for reflection and good resolutions. So any means are good to slow down and celebrate every day as it should be. Advent calendar or not, don't wait for the end of the month to celebrate the big and small pleasures in life. Meet your friends over mulled wine, admire the illuminations with your family, read a book by the fireplace... A ritual you are likely to enjoy.

Happy holidays!