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It's October, light the fire

October 09, 2019

It's been decided, October will be flamboyant. It's already decorated the natural world around you in the colours of fire, so why not go with the flow? Carry your plans (and/or baby!) forward, sniff out current trends, move freely... in October, it's time to pull out all the stops!


The only order of the day is: sparkle 

In October, Mother Nature likes to dress to impress in gold, vermilion, rust, saffron, ruby red... What if we took inspiration from this blaze of golden glory to give our lives a bit of a boost? After all, there's nothing to stop us activating 'fire' mode too (instead of beginning an interminable period of hibernation). So, just like the landscape, we're going to let every aspect of our lives sparkle!


Keeping the flame alight

September and its ambiguity are behind us, it's time to light the fire. Both literally and figuratively! It's time for the first roaring fires, but it's also time to get cracking. Having seen how the land lies this autumn, those wishes are just longing to come true. Treat yourself to a romantic evening for two, go on an adventure, trust your instinct as a mother or be a bit daring, just for the thrill of it, don't worry, you deserve it.

October's here 🔥

Size guide


Our baby carriers are currently available in two sizes : T1 and T2. The fabric is stretchy enough to adapt as best as possible to both the wearer's and the baby's bodies. 

Generally, T1 suits sizes from S to M and T2 suits larger sizes.

Important: The fabric will soften and relax during use and as the baby grows. It’s normal that the baby carrier feel a little snug during the first use.

And since each body is unique, you can try it quietly at home to see if it suits you and if not, you can send it back for a refund ;)


You may experience a feeling of tightness but the goal is ultimately that the baby is held firmly against you and does not move, just like with a classic carrier. For the newborn position, depending on the morphology of both the baby and the wearer, it can quickly become restrictive. You can therefore place them into the sitting position early by respecting their physiological position and the natural spacing of their hips. The seating position will feel less snug as the legs will be out.

Also, do not hesitate to flatten the fabric on your back to leave more on the front.

Important: The fabric will soften and relax during use and as the baby grows.


Indeed your child should not be too low, or at least the position should remain as comfortable for them as it is for you and your baby should remain within reach for kisses. If this is not the case, you can make a loop with the fabric on each shoulder. You can make a loop by twisting the side of the scarf and reversing the hems so that the fabric is shortened and the baby is slightly lifted (see video section).

You can also wash your sling (30° or Warm setting in the washing machine) so that the fabric shrinks back to the original size (the product cannot be reimbursed once washed).