May 31, 2019 2 min read

Enjoy that carefree feeling this spring! We are not suggesting you drop everything to open an ashram in India or raise goats in the Larzac... Instead, we'd like to see you take advantage of this traditionally relaxed month to tune into your wants and needs Follow the guide!

Listen to yourself neither too little nor too much.


When it comes to tuning in with yourself, we'd advocate a less is moreapproach. To be specific, forget any preconceived ideas you have about paying too much attention to yourself because it seems that you can never listen to yourself enough. Especially when there are such constant demands on your time and the overwhelming urge to compare yourself to other people. In May, give your inner voice a bit more space and rather than just hearing it, make a point of listening. Really. You won't want to take on board everything but by making that effort you'll give yourself the chance to connect with your deepest needs. Get better at doing the things you enjoy!

Listen to your body


Would you like a healthy mind and body? Work towards it in May by paying attention to the little (or big) signals your body sends out. Listening mindfully could help avoid breastfeeding becoming a chore or prevent a tiredness related injury or missed alarm. Are you tired? Go to bed when the kids do (or the hens, if you like). Do you dream of relaxing for a couple of hours? Get your other half to take everybody out for a while so you can have a rest. Are you craving comfort foodright now? Enjoy that chocolate praline, guilt free!


Listen to each other


Life is so busy these days that we end up losing sight of the important things. When you listen to your loved ones, you give them an opportunity to express themselves and you get to spend time with them and show them you are available. So, sit on the couch with a nice cup of tea and say to someone you love: "Come and talk to me, I'm listening!" ». They're bound to enjoy this special time... and so will you!


Basically, embrace that carefree spring feeling this May!